Free Fire: Unable To View Event Page | Clear Cache Of Browser

Who dosent want to see event page, event page is full of different tasks and offers that you can easily redeem.

Many times this event page doesn’t load due to many reasons.

In this post we have talked about this error and clear cache in front of browser.

Why you are unable to View Event Page:

1. Most times it is problem of cache so just you need to clear cache in Free Fire in next point of this post I have explained how to clear cache in seconds.

How to Clear Cache of browser in Free Fire

To clear cache in Free Fire first up all open Free Fire and open Settings. Now in ‘Basic’ settings find the ‘browser’ option, now in front of it you will find ‘Clear Cache’ option tap on it. Now it will clear cache and your even page will load now.

If your even page still don’t open then restart the game or your smartphone.

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