Is Minecraft OptiFine Safe To Play

Minecraft is a creative block building game. It was released officially in 2009 and it is well-known for its pixelated old 70s graphics. One thing that separates it from other commercial games is it can easily be played on an old or less powerful device.
Some third parties have made available Mod which is called Optifine. This Mod of Minecraft is versions going back years and includes many different features. Especially it gives improves graphics and can improve performance.

On more capable devices, Optifine can give options to make Minecraft more cartoonish and vibrant graphics. Including shader packs which change the way, the game renders blocks.

You can get realistic shaders to have clear, beautiful water and flowing foliage.

Many people say Optifine is Illegal because of the zoom Option.

Also, they can change the game from its Vanilla form. Optifine is one of those mods and is only allowed for performance boosts. Things such as fog and clear water are easy to detect in runs, but fast math and lazy chunk loading are harder to detect.

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