How to Fix Annoying Gyroscope Delay in PUBG

How much do you hate that delay when it comes to the gyroscope in PUBG? It seems like every player has been affected by it at one point or another. 

While you are fighting to keep your crosshair on target with the horrible gyroscope delay, your opponents are already popping your head off with their own crosshairs before you can react. 

This guide will teach you how to fix the annoying PUBG gyroscope delay and put an end to the misery once and for all.

Note one thing that these solutions can be used in other versions of PUBG which include:

  • PUBG MOBILE Global.
  • PUBG Mobile KR (PUBG Korean Version)
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI Indian Version) 
  • GAME FOR PEACE (PUBG Chinese Version) 
  • PUBG Mobile VN (PUBG Mobile Vietnamese Version)

What is Gyro Delay?

Gyrodelay is a gaming term for the delay between your input on the controller and when it registers on-screen. In fast-paced games like PUBG, this can make aiming much more difficult.

Luckily, there are fixes out there which will be discussed later in the article.

What causes Gyro Delay?

There are the following things that could be causing the problem of the delay in a gyro in Pubg mobile:

1. Using an Old phone: 

If you are using an older phone, it’s possible that your phone has gotten too many updates and has started to slow down. 

2. Phone Storage is Full: 

It is also possible that the storage on your phone is full and there isn’t enough space for the game. If this is true, you will need to delete some apps or photos to make more room on your device. 

If you have downloaded any other games recently, it’s possible that they have caused the issue with the gyroscope because they require a lot of memory. 

You will want to uninstall these games one by one until your phone doesn’t experience as much lag when playing PUBG mobile.

3. Old screen protector:

Another potential cause of gyro delay in PUBG mobile is an old screen protector. Older screen protectors can slow down your phone and cause glitches like this one. 

So if you have an old screen protector on your phone, it would be best to get a new one from the store.

4. Not using phone regularly

The last thing that may be causing problems with the gyroscope might just be that the player has never used his/her phone before. 

This means he/she should practice by holding their hands higher than usual before moving them around quickly.

How to fix gyroscope delay on Android phones

There are a few different ways to fix the gyroscope delay on your Android phone. 

  1. First, you can change the settings on your phone to always use orientation sensors. This will tell the game to not use the gyroscope when calibrating. 
  2. You may also want to disable auto-rotation on your phone, this is already disabled by default. 
  3. Finally, if you’re using Google Maps or Waze navigation apps and they are making the delays worse, then it might be best to just switch navigation apps.

If these don’t work for you or if your phone doesn’t have these options available for customization, then there is still hope.

One other option you can try is rooting your phone: Rooting an Android device gives you complete control over the device’s operating system. 

Once rooted, there are many third-party ROMs and MODs that claim to help with FPS issues on games like PUBG. 

The problem is that most of them come at the cost of safety as they usually aren’t safe to use.

The XDA developers forum has lots of information about which modifications are safe for you to use, so make sure to read up before downloading any mods from sites other than the XDA Developers Forum.

How to fix gyroscope delay on iOS

If you are experiencing a gyroscope delay on iOS, there are a few things you can do to fix it. 

  1. First, open up Settings and go to General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion. Make sure this is turned on. 
  2. Second, turn off Screen Curtain and Switch Control. Turning these two features off should help eliminate any delays between your movements and how they appear on the screen.
  3. Finally, if all else fails you might want to try uninstalling ARK: Survival Evolved which is known for causing major problems with iOS devices’ gyroscopes and accelerometers.

It is best to uninstall ARK or other apps that may cause interference before trying again. With these fixes applied you should be able to play PUBG without any more interference from the gyroscope delay.

Parallax for iOS

For iOS devices, there is a feature called Parallax which can be used to provide a better gaming experience. 

Basically, it uses the gyroscope sensors on the phone to move the background image of your game as you tilt your device up and down. 

This way, when you move around in-game, you will be able to see what’s happening behind you without losing track of what’s going on in front of you. Turning off Parallax will make this issue worse. 

To turn on Parallax: Go into Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Turn On Reduce Motion Press OK > Reboot Device.

Final words

It can be annoying when you’re playing PUBG and your character moves a split second after you have tried to make them move. This is because of a delay between the time you press the key on your keyboard and when the game registers this input.

We hope this guide was helpful. If you want to learn more about other game issues and how they are made, the process of game design, check out our other blog posts on the subject.

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