13 Genuine Tips & Tricks To Get 20ms Ping PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has over 200 million users per month and its players are really crazy that they can play it all day long if possible. Whereas PUBG Mobile has a lot of problems that break the fun while playing it.

In one of the most frustrating and irritating problem while playing PUBG Mobile is the ping problem which many times cause death in the game. Many times after Updating the game ping issue may come, so keep with us to get the lowest possible ping in PUBG Mobile.

Having the lowest good ping is very important for improving gameplay and get success every time you clash with other players and if you have a high ping there is more probability that you will be defeated every time you fight with other players.

Thus you should have the best ping to play PUBG Mobile that’s why Piro Player is here to help you fix PUBG Mobile high ping problem in 2021.

What is Ping in PUBG? Why You should care about it?

Ping is the time taken by data to reach the server and then return back to the smartphone. In short, it is the time taken by your device to send your reaction while playing PUBG to the servers, and then it returns back to your device.

This ping is shown in the “ms” unit which is an abbreviation of milliseconds.

You should know about ping as it is very important to play PUBG Mobile seamlessly, without any lag. If you have play PUBG Mobile with more than 50ms ping then read this article till the end you will 100% get some trick by using which you can get 50ms ping that’s my words get it written by me.

Ways to get the best ping possible in PUBG Mobile

1. Internet connection :

➤ WI-FI:

If you Play PUBG daily then you can set up WI-Fi at your place. In 2021 prices of the internet are affordable and monthly charges are now very affordable so think about it once. And also follow some tips to optimize your WI-FI internet.

➤ Cellular Network: 

If you use Cellular Network then you can follow some tips given here to optimize your connection to get the lowest ping in PUBG Mobile.

➤ Use VPN: 

Using VPN for Gaming has its own benefits and in some scenarios, it can even stable your ping with extra security. So if you are a hardcore gamer, you definitely need a VPN that’s for sure.

2. Find the best strength of the internet:

If you are facing a ping problem in your home related to a Mobile network then you can find the best spot where ping is stable and below 100ms. If you are lucky enough then you can find the spot where you can get 20ms ping.

3. Turn On Aeroplane Mode:

If you suddenly start getting unstable/ spikes in ping then you can turn on “Aeroplane mode” for 10 seconds then turn off “Aeroplane Mode” your ping will come back to normal.

4. Use Game Booster: 

Some brands like Redmi, Realme, Samsung, Oppo and many other brands have their native Game Booster which actually boosts your network and manages calls in a better way. Which ultimately helps to get a low ping.

If you don’t have any Game Boosters you can use another Game Boosters from Play Store or App Store.

5. Close Background apps other processes:

Apps running in the background may consume the internet thus while playing PUBG Mobile it will create a ping problem in PUBG that’s why you should close all unnecessary apps and processes running in the background.

6. Free up Storage:

Pubg Mobile require free space to work properly and if there is low space left on your device it may cause improper lag and low ping problem.

Thus you should free up space in Internal storage at least 3GB. you can clean junk files, uninstall hardly used apps, clear WhatsApp junk, etc to create some space. 

7. Restrict background data:

While playing PUBG, background apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many other apps use your data to work in the background because of which internet speed get divide which results in high ping.

Hence, you should restrict background data to other apps in the background. To do this you can go to the settings app and search for “restrict” or “data”, in the results, you may see disable background data or you can try to search it on Youtube.

8. Turn off Auto-sync/ update:

In-Play store, Google account, Youtube etc. there is an auto-sync option that syncs your data with their servers which may start syncing while you are Playing PUBG. So turn off auto-sync and do manual syncing whenever you get time.

9. DND Mode:

Sometimes whenever a call comes on your smartphone Jio’s internet connection interrupts, which cause to unstable ping. As a solution, you can tr using DND mode in your Settings.

DND mode can block all coming calls so that your gaming is not disturbed.

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10. Restart your PUBG:

Sometimes PUBG Mobile starts with some error, one such error is high ping. In this case, you should restart your PUBG Mobile, if your ping is still high than normal then follow the next Tip.

11. Restart/ reboot your smartphone:

Sometimes even restarting PUBG doesn’t work and the ping still comes very high than normal. In this case, you can try to restart your device, after which your ping must come to normal strength.

12. Repair

If both Restarting your smartphone and game doesn’t work then you should repair your PUBG Mobile. Sometimes there is an error in PUBG Mobile due to which you get a high ping. So to solve it just Use the Repair option which is present on the login page which comes while starting the game.

13. Remove your phone’s case:

While gaming most smartphones get warm and higher temperatures are not good for gaming as it starts lagging and your ping also get worst. So to keep your smartphone cool enough you should remove your cover.

Another benefit is of getting a better network. Network are radio waves that work well if there are fewer obstacles hence removing your smartphone cover while playing PUBG can definitely help little to get a better ping that’s for sure.

Final Words :

None of the single tips given will give you 20ms you should try some of those tips cumulatively to work this trick. As a result, at least you will definitely get PUBG Ping below 50ms that is for sure.

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