20 Most Common FAQ/ Problems & Solutions On COC

­­­­­Hello Clasher,

Now it’s been 6 years since I have been playing COC and you can say
I have pretty much experience and all related facts about COC. Many of my
friends ask me why am still playing that old game, but I know that COC is one
of the best strategic games on earth at present and I love playing the COC game.

While this long journey I had many questions in the
beginning and there were no clear answers at any source on the internet that’s
why I am writing this article to help you out with a simple question-and-answer
type post. I have covered some questions that new and Pro COC players may know
but on top of it, I have shared some of my experience on it so you will
definitely get a good insight through this post that’s for sure.


Should I max out my town hall before upgrading to the next

Well, it all depends on your preferences.

If you are a War lover or Trophy pusher and want to have a
good defender base then you should try to max your buildings and walls faster.
In my opinion to reach a higher level you should fastly rush to Town Hall 10
after that try to max out some buildings and again rush to Town Hall 13 then
try to max out all buildings. By using this method players manage to reach Town
Hall 14 easily in 1 year with a good army and heroes.


Can my Heroes and defence buildings defend my War Base when
they’re upgrading?

Yes, Before starting a war if they are upgrading then they
will defend your war base. In this case when a war starts at that time your
current defence level or hero level will be defending in the war.

What is War Win Streak & How To Win Every War?

The war win streak is the number of wars your clan has won
without loss which is counted from the last lost war.

Currently while writing this post “# กาα尺七ί αηऽ” has a 583 War win streak. This means they have won 583 wars one after
another which is. they have many engineered bases which help to win every war
and similarly, you can also create an engineered base and easily win a few


How to make an engineered base In 2021?

An Engineered base is a base that has a very low level of
defences and a high level of troops, which aims to attack 3 stars on the
topmost base in the war.

If you want to have an engineered base in 2021 then you
should keep all defences on level 1 and all army, heroes well upgraded. See the
picture provided below this account comes below TH10 or Th11 which has
sufficient power of the army to attack TH12 or new 13. To get a more detailed
guide on the engineered base you can visit Piro player.

My game won’t load? My game crashes On start? What should I

The such error happens mostly in Low-specification devices.

Make sure you have the latest version of COC also check you
have an active internet connection. Try to Clear the cache of the COC then
reboot the device.

If your game still not loading or crashing then try to
Update your Smartphone. If your device is Updated then unfortunately you don’t
have any direct way to fix crashing. The last thing you can try is contacting
Supercell Support but chances are very they will respond to you. Email for
feedback – clashofclans.feedback@supercell.net.


How to play multiple accounts on a single device?

Yes, you can easily play multiple accounts on a single
device easily, just you have to log in with Supercell ID.

Explaining Registration or login to Supercell ID is a bit
long you can read it here.


I lost my device and/or my game. What can I do?

If your device was linked to Supercell ID then try to log in
to it by watching the guide on Piroplayer.

If your account was linked with Gmail then try to log in to
it with that Gmail.

If your account was not linked with anything then you should
contact Supercell and explain your fair situation they will help you.


Clash of Clans connection Lost Problem?

There are very few COC servers around the world and there
are about daily 10 million active users. Thus managing these huge users online
is a tough task which is why you may get connection problems during multiplayer

While during a war attack if you are facing this problem
then your network must be poor as attacking in war doesn’t give much load on the servers of COC. So try to fix your network before attacking in the war.


What are League Medals and how can get more clan league

Clan league medals are like tokens that can be used to buy
different potions and hammers.

To collect these Clan medals you can participate in the Clan
War League(CWL). Clan War League can only be started by Co-leaders so ask your
clan’s Co-leaders or leader to take you to the next CWL. At the end of the CWL,
your clan co-leaders can also give selected members more clan medals so contact
them for more medals.


What is a Private server COC? Can I join my real COC clan from
private servers?

Private server COC are different versions of COC where they
provide some features which are not possible to give in the actual game like
Unlimited Gems. There are various private servers of COC you can search for them on
google and download them. As they are private servers they don’t relate to
the actual servers of real COC therefore you cannot join original COC clans
from Private servers.


I didn’t get my Android/ iOS purchase?

First up check all personal details and your payment method.
Then try to do the payment.

If you were trying to do payments and somehow it was cancelled then you will not be charged a single piece of money for that.

Sometimes there is a delay between your bank servers and
google play servers which causes more time to reflect your payment in your
wallet so be patient.

If you don’t receive whatever you bought, then please
contact Supercell with an attachment of a screenshot of your order receipt.

The transaction ID (looks similar to this –
GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345) is present at the bottom of the document, And that
must be visible on the screenshot.


How to earn Gems faster?

If you are willing to get free gems faster then try to
complete the achievement mission which you can see below your profile. On Home
Village, By reaching Crystal league you can get 1000 gems and by reaching
Master league you can get free 2000 gems so focus on earning more trophies to
get the gems. Parallelly while pushing to trophies directly or indirectly you
complete other achievements which also reward you with some gems.


What is the best TH to push for trophies?

From TH7 you get enough power from dragons to get at least a
star on TH10 so you can start pushing from TH7 and by reaching TH10 you can
reach 3200 trophies easily to get the free 2000 gems. If you are willing to
reach the legend league in 2021 then it is very difficult for Town Hall below


Why maintenance break is there in COC?

To do some work at the backend of fixing some bugs, and releasing new features, maintenance of servers COC needs to be under
maintenance. COC regularly try to do maintenance of the servers thus there is at least 1 maintenance break. To get the latest updates on the Maintenance
break of COC you can check this


What is Builder Base? And why do very few players play
builder base?

Builder base is another village of your account which is
present on the other hand of the sea and is handled by a single master
builder. There are very similarities between your home village and your Builder

There are many players who play builder base but there are
very few peoples who play builder base dedicatedly. Builder base is not that
exciting and it’s not that fast upgrading that’s why people play builder base
very few times.


Can I sell my buildings in COC? If not then how some accounts
don’t have buildings?

Currently, you cannot sell any buildings in COC, However, in
earlier days of COC, you were able to sell buildings that’s why you can see
some accounts missing some buildings.


Are there hackers in COC?

Yes, there are hackers in COC but the number is very low
because tracking a hacked account and banning it is very easy for Supercell.


Where should I use League medals?

According to me, The best way to use league medals is to use them on Potions or hammers. Don’t use all your league medals reserve them for
use in an emergency. I prefer using medals on the Builder potion or Research
position as it decreases the upgrading time by 24 hours which I think is the
best use of medals.


What is Hammer cooldown?

Hammer cooldown is the time after which you can buy another
hammer. For instance, if you buy a hammer of a building on 1st April then you
buy a second hammer of the building only after the cooldown of 7 days ends means
on 8th April.


Is there any scope for making a career in COC?

Yes, there is big scope for making a career in COC as there
are many competitive matches played around the world also you can make YouTube
videos while attacking, there are very few dedicated COC YouTubers.


3 Very useful Tips for COC Clashers:

1. Don’t waste your time on the free gems sites they all are

2. While looting attack only dead bases and try to loot as
much as possible.

3. Try to keep your all builders engaged at all times.


Hope this helps you a lot, as it is my experience of 6 years
it must help you that’s for sure.­­­­­

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