Transfer Free Fire Facebook Account To Another Facebook Account

Many players in Free Fire are facing problems related to their accounts some lose their accounts and some lost three phones due to which three Free Fire IDs get stolen.

Many times you may forget your Facebook password due to which you try to recover it you may fail to recover it and lose it forever. 

Your ID may get stolen by someone, in this case, you should immediately report to the Facebook team and close that account if possible.

Your other accounts which are login with Facebook may get stolen by that person so immediately do some action on it and if you play the Free Fire game and you have login with Facebook ID then you should change the Facebook ID and disconnect that lost ID immediately otherwise it may get stolen too.

That’s why to help you, in this post, we are have described how to disconnect an old Facebook account and link it with a new Facebook account. So without wasting time do read it till the end to know all scenarios.

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How To unlink an old Facebook account and connect to a new Facebook account:

First of all, I would like to mention that there is no straight way or steps by using which you will change your Facebook account.

To do so we have to contact the Garena Free Fire’s official team then they will do your work, as they only have the authority to change your Facebook account.

Step 1. First of all, go to Garena Free Fire’s page. And tap on ‘Submit Request’.
Official Free Fire Support site
Step 2. Then login to the same account which is log in with your Facebook account. You may face a problem while login but try to log in with the same account. Otherwise, login with other details is fine.

Step 3. Now first up all select your region, then type correct information of your UID and In-game name.
Step 4. Under Type of request choose Game concerns, and under the type of problem choose Technical issue. In the attachment, section add a screenshot of your lobby if you don’t have that screenshot then add a screenshot of the suspended account.

Writing request to transfer your Free Fire FB account to new New FB account 

Step 5. Now tap check-mark and type description. In the description describe your descriptive view. If you haven’t done anything wrong then explain it descriptively. And send the request. Now your complaint will be given a token and this token is visible on the Submit request page screen of Garena free fire’s official site where you easily see the response from free fire’s team. If you are not able to find that page then do read our post.
My request (Sample request):
I have lost my current Free Fire linked Facebook account.

So I kindly request to disconnect my Facebook account which is currently linked to my Free Fire ID.

If possible connect my new FB ID to my Free Fire account.

My Free Fire UID – 123456789
My old FB ID –
My new FB ID –
If you don’t receive any response from Free Fire’s team then try to contact them via Free Fire’s official email, which is

To write mail type same sample I have made available to you.

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