Types of Tasks In Among Us | What Are Fake Tasks

Tasks are a prime part of Among Us, without tasks Among Us will not have that fun, which we experience today.

In Among Us, there are 4 maps. In these maps, some tasks are the same as other maps and some tasks only belong to a specific map.

Through this post, we are going to talk about types of tasks in Among Us so keep reading till the end to know about them.

Types of tasks in Among Us 

There are four types of task in Among us

 Visual tasks

The Visual tasks are a task which when performed it shows visual animation, when other crewmates see a player performing visual tasks it confirms the player’s innocence and character as a Crewmate since Impostors cannot perform any visual tasks.

 Common tasks

The game host can set common tasks in the game, which are only assigned to only crewmates. Every map has specific common tasks which are assigned common tasks, that are only known by crewmates therefore if someone caught performing a common task that is not assigned to a crewmate then it is a hint that the task performer is an impostor.

③ Long Tasks

These tasks take a long time to complete or have multiple stages to solve which took much time to complete.

Short Tasks

These tasks take a very short time for players to complete and are mostly one-stage tasks.

What are fake tasks?

These tasks are assigned to the only impostor, which is not real tasks they are just to act like crewmates and mix up with them.

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