How to Play Among Us Using Local (Offline) Option With Friends

Among Us has gained massive popularity in recent time and is loved by many peoples through the world as it is a very good game to play with your friends.

If you are sitting close to your friends and have mobiles of each then you can easily play Among Us with your friends, just read this post till the end to know about detail.

Guide to Play Among Us with Local mode

  • Use one of the smartphones as a source of ‘hotspot’.
  • Connect all devices with created hotspot.
  • Then open Among Us game on all devices.
  • Now tap ‘Local’ mode in one of those devices except the smartphone which has an active hotspot.
  • After that host should tap ‘Create Game’.
  • All other players will then should click ‘Local’ mode.
  • After the tap, they will notice a hostname on which all have to tap to enter the same lobby to enjoy the game.
Additional things to keep in mind
  • If you are using a smartphone for creating a hotspot and then only 3-4 members are possible to add if you connect more members to that hotspot all players will feel laggier gameplay.
  • To tackle this you can use a strong hotspot device like a WI-FI router.
  • Players should be connected to the same network.
  • All players should have the same version of Among Us to play together.
  • If some error occurs you can try restarting the game or your smartphone.
  • You can close all background apps for the better performance of the game.

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