Guide To Play Among Us Online (multiplayer) with Friends

Even if there are various famous games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Call Of Duty, Among Us has made its place in popular games recently.

Playing Among is very fun with friends by using local mode but many times it is not possible to play with your local friends that is why there is an online option to play with players around the world.

You can easily play Among Us with few steps just go through this post to know better about it.

 How to create a Room as a host

If you want to be a host of your Room then follow the steps below:
  1. Open Among Us and go to the Online section.
  2. Then tap ‘Create Game’ under the ‘Host’ option.
  3. Then choose the map, impostor number you want in-game, chat language, and total players number.
  4. After choosing requirements tap ‘Confirm’.
  5. Now while in the waiting room you can choose Private or Public mode.
  6. After joining all players in the waiting room you can start your game.

Things to Remember:

  • After clicking Confirm room will be created where you will be the host of that room.
  • If you are a host of a specific room then you can decide to keep that room Public or Private.
  • If the room is Public then it will be visible to players in the ‘Public’ option.
  • But, if it is ‘Private’ then players can only join your room using code given in the middle-down area.

 How to join Public Rooms

If you want to join public rooms follow these steps:
  1. Open Among Us and go to the Online section.
  2. Then tap the ‘Find Game’ option under the ‘Public’ option.
  3. after that choose the map, impostor number, chat language, and tap refresh.
  4. Now choose a room from different rooms and tap on it to enter in it that’s it.

Things to remember:

  • If a room gets filled but at the same time you entered then it will show the message ‘The game you tried to join already started’.
  • Try to choose the room which has only 4-5 members joined which will increase the probability of joining the room successfully.
  • Make sure to choose the language you know so that you can easily chat with all your crewmates and impostor in the game.

 How to Join Private rooms

If you want to join a private room then follow the steps given below:
  1. Open Among Us and go to the Online section.
  2. Then tap ‘Enter Code’ under the ‘Private’ option.
  3. And enter the code of the private room
  4. Then tap ‘➤’ to enter the room.
  5. Then you will be carried to that private room.

Things to Remember:

  • If any error occurs then Check the code you entered is correct or not.
  • If a room is full then you cannot enter the room.
  • You can even get back to a particular public game easily in among us.

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