9 Effective Tips To Fix High Ping In Among Us

While playing online games ping is shown to show the latency of the internet connection you are using which must be low enough to play the game without lag.

In Among Us, the same condition is present, in online mode players should have a good internet connection to play Among Us seamlessly.

Tips To Fix High Ping Problem In Among Us

① Change server to your nearest server

To get the best possible ping user should join the server which is nearest to him which will definitely result in a low ping.

To get a better idea about read out a post related to Changing The Servers in Among Us.

② Turn off Auto-sync

When your phone has active sync in the background it causes the use of some part of your internet on your device that is why you should turn off the Auto-sync.
To turn off auto-sync go to Setting> Sync > turn off the auto-sync of the app which can cause heavy data usage.

③ Restart the game

While playing sometimes due to some errors you may get several problems and one that problem is the Ping issue in that case you try to restart the game.

By restarting the game, errors will get sorted out easily. 

But still, if you getting a ping issue keep reading till the end.

④ Get a good internet connection

If you are using a cellular network then you can find a place where an internet connection is available in the best strength or you can call your service operator’s customer care to get a better strength internet connection.

If you are using Broadband then you can buy a plan of a better speed of more than 10 Mbps, and if you still getting ping problems then you can call your Broadband seller for troubleshooting the internet speed.

⑤ Use native Game Booster

In 2021 there are enough smartphones and other devices that provide a native Game booster, so check your device if you have one Game booster or not, if not then you should find the game booster for your device.

A Game booster can help you a lot by optimizing your smartphone, especially for gaming which ultimately helps.

⑥ Update the game

Sometimes due to an outdated version of the game, you cannot get the potential possible ping that is why you should update the game as soon as an update is available.

You can check in the upper-left corner for your screen you can see the current version of your installed game to update it in Android you can go to the Google Play Store, in IOS device you can visit the App Store to update it, and for Windows OS you can visit the Nintendo to update it.

⑦ Close background apps

While playing Among Us there may be some background apps/ software running in the background which causes partial use of your current internet connection.

To turn off background apps you can go to settings and just select the app/software and restrict its internet connection.

⑧ Use VPN

If you are constantly facing ping problems in Among Us then you should try using VPN.

The active VPN connection has the potential to boost the performance of your current network so that you can get the best ping possible.

There are many VPN apps and software in the market but you will get the experience only in the paid subscription so make sure to buy the best VPN for you.

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