Changing The Servers in Among Us: Everyhting You Need to Know

The server is the network to a specific area from which online games are operated easily.

In Among Us, there is only a total of 3 servers that are ‘North America’, ‘Asia’, and ‘Europe’.

To play Among Us with no lag you should choose the right server to get the best ping possible.

How to Change Server in Among Us
  1. Launch the Among Us.
  2. Go to the ‘Online’ section.
  3. Then at the Down-right corner click the globe icon which will show you the 3 server options.
  4. Choose the server to play a game on that server.
Which Server is the Best For You
Well if you are in these 3 continents (North America, Asia, Europe) then you can choose the server in which you live.

But if you live in other continents like Africa continent and nearby countries then you can choose the Europe server which is the best option for you to get the 230ms.

If you are from Australia and New Zealand and a nearby area then you should choose an American server for a better ping.

Sometimes there becomes a high ping issue on your native server for this you can change the server to another to get a better ping.

If you are planning to play Among Us with your friends then all your friends should have the same server selected to play with each other.

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