Race.io : Guide, Tips & Tricks, everything you should know

Racing games are very good for having fun, wherein starting days of the gaming industry there were 2D racing games which we enjoyed a lot.

Race.io is very similar to that games, it is a very addictive game and in this, we are going to more about Race.io so keep reading till the end.

About Race.io:

Race.io is offered by Vive and they are known for racing games like Race 3D, Flippy Bikes 3D, Stunt Car 3D.

On 16 March 2021, there are 10+ million downloads with a 4.3★ rating of Race.io on the Play Store which is excellent downloads for a 2D racing game.

It is basically an Offline, single-player, 2D racing game between you and 3 players.

In-game when we start the race you will be automatically matched up with 3 players anywhere from the world.

When you win the race by 1st position then you will get maximum trophies and Gold, 2nd 3rd, 4th position holder will get less reward compared to 1st position.

But 3rd and 4th position grabbers will lose the trophies.

How to download Race.io:

Race.io is available to download for Android as well as iOS devices.

It is not available to download on Windows devices but you can run it with Android Emulator.

How to get free Trophies and Medals:

Every 4 hours you can get free gifts that are added in Gold and every 12 hours you can get free crowns that are added in trophies.

To get them you just have to open the game and check the upper side of the game you will observe these two options just tap on both options and you will get your free prizes.

How to purchase Gold:

To purchase gold you can tap on the shopping cart while at the Home screen of the game.

To purchase you can use a bank account, redeem code, Debit card/ Credit card.

How to buy the new cars:

When you open the game then on the game’s home screen you will observe a car image on the bottom side tap on it new tab will open where different cars are listed and you can buy them with only gold coins which you get by winning the race, so race more to win gold coins and buy the cars.

The most expensive car in a garage is 2,000,000 (20 lakh).

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