How To Enter In Training Mode in Free Fire | FAQ

Today In this post we are going to note all about how to enter in training mode in Free Fire so keep your eye till the last word of this post to know all things.

Steps to Open Training mode in Free Fire :

Step 1 :
First, open free fire in your phone and you will see the classic option in the upper-right corner then tap on it.

Step 2 :
In the lower right corner, you will see the training option then tap on it.

Step 3 :
Then you will get an option in the lower right corner of the ‘start’ button option then tap on it.

Step 4 :
Then you will go to a room, where you will see 3 boxes from which you can carry some items you want which will be carried to training mode of Free Fire.

Step 5 :
You will see a flash of orange colour in one of the corners of that room then go and wait on it, after that you will go to the battlefield of training mode.

Now you can enjoy training mode.


❓ What is the level requirement to play training in the free fire?
There is no requirement to play training mode in Free Fire, As soon as you start playing Free Fire you can start training mode easily.

❓ How long does training last in the free fire?
You can play training mode of Free Fire for 1 hour in some conditions, but in most cases all players left the game and you will be left alone.

❓ How to play Training Ground in Free Fire?
To get to training mode you can read this post from above.
  • While in the training ground of Free Fire you have to kill other players.
  • Your kills will be shown in the upper right corner.

  • In the battlefield there is a ranking board where you can see Top 10 players kills.
  • When you kill more than 99 kills it will start to show you 99+ kills.

❓ How to play Free Fire with your Freinds?

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