COC: Why Clanmates Are Unable See Request For Troops

I have two Town Hall 13 accounts, One Town hall 10 account. Recently I have started a new Rush account that will have only level 1 defence but specific army upgraded so that it can benefit us in Clan war.

I noticed a small but useful thing that many one may face which I am going to share.

When I was on my Town Hall 10 I requested for troops and one clanmate gave me donation just a spell was remaining for donation. After that, I opened that Rush defence level 1 account which was on Town Hall 7 and I noticed that request of my Town Hall 10 account was not visible to my Town Hall Level 7 account because I was not unlocked a dark spell factory at that time.


In simple words, if a requested troop is not unlocked to your account then that request will not be visible to you.

Also if anyone asks for max level troops then that request will be only visible to the clanmates that can give you the requested level of troop. 

Didn’t understand don’t worry let’s take an example-

If I request for troops and tap the pen-like icon shown in the image below. Now I can customise my request. I selected balloons and now I selected “Only allow highest level donations you can receive” and tap confirm. Now in my clan my request will be only visible to those who can donate me level 6 balloons.

If you have any issue regarding clashing then ask we are like your clanmate.

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