COC: Royal Ghost Strategy Guide And FAQ

Clash of Clans team is very experimentative and they always look through what they can give new in the game!

Recently Royal smash was added to COC as a temporary Halloween troop in 2019 and in 2021 it is again added to COC as a temporary troop.

All players are using it very heavily especially in lower leagues. Legend league players are also using to clear funnel through which troops can enter the centre of the base.

About Royal Ghost and its abilities:

  • It is invisible for 12 seconds after deployment, hence it is ignored by all defences.
  • While hitting the building it freezes the building similar to an ice golem.
  • Also, while invisibility he can pass through walls.
  • While invisibility can be harmed by traps and other troops too.
  • Royal Ghost has low hitpoints but high damage per second.
  • As it is a temporary troop, it cannot be donated to other players.
  • It is a permanent troop in the Clash Royal game.
Attack strategy:

① All Royal Ghosts:

If you have a Town Hall below 12 then you can use all Royal ghost armies according to your Total troop capacity. But be aware you should not deploy them in bulk, instead, you should deploy them slowly and one by one.

② 7 Royal Ghost, Pekka, Golem, Wiz, Wall breakers: 

As there is an event of using 7 Royal ghosts and winning 20 multiplayer battles to get a Book of Spells. That is why you should use this army for farming. At first, try to create a funnel and destroy a few defensive buildings then try using the remaining troops to get all base easily.

③ Royal Ghosts, Miners, hogs: 

You can use a hybrid strategy combined with Royal ghost. You can even use this strategy to smash 3 stars on Town Hall level above 12. Royal ghosts have very slow speed so try to get the best value from them at starting of the attack then deploy minors and hogs and heroes.


❓ Why can’t I donate Royal Ghost?

➤ It is a temporary troop added as an event, that is why you cant donate to other clanmates. Also, you cant donate Royal Ghost in Clan war.

❓ Which is the Best strategy to use with Royal Ghost?

➤ To Make three-star on any base use 3rd strategy we mentioned above and for looting use all Royal ghosts to attack dead base.

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