[Solve 2021] Violation Notice Problem In Free Fire

A few days back when I open Free Fire it showed me “Violation Notice” where they said 

Dear survivor, you have requested and received a refund for a purchase recently. despite having having received the item/s. This left us no choice but to remove the diamonds or its equivalent from your account, resulting in account restriction. You may contact our customer support at https:// ffsupoort.zendesk.com for more details. 

To lift your restriction, Diamond top-up required:


To solve this I searched youtube and many sites and after that I am sharing my experience here.

So keep your eye on this post till the end to know all scenarios behind this violation. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends as they may also face problems but with help of our precautions they can avoid such mistakes.

Reasons and precautions for Violation Notice in free fire :

There may be few reasons behind this violation which I have explained below.

  1. If you are trying to find free diamonds then, it may cause a problem as there are very few legit sites from where you can get free diamonds. If you try to get diamonds through such sites Garena Free Fire may track you and give a penalty for diamonds. 
  2. If you buy Free Fire Diamonds from anywhere and take a refund then you may get this violation notice, that’s why you should think twice before buying diamonds.
  3. Buying our getting free diamonds from fake or scammy Free Fire sites.

The solutions to Violation Notice in the Garena free fire :
There are two solutions for this violation one is to top-up with diamonds and the second one is to write a request to the Free Fire’s team.

1. Top up with diamonds :
While buying diamonds, buy from Google play balance, because it is the most secure way to top up. In violation notice, if they are asking to top-up with 2000 diamonds, and you don’t have that much money to buy those 2000 diamonds at a time then you can buy diamonds in a split. For example, you can buy diamonds 500 then, 500 then, 500 then last 500. If you don’t have any money to top up then go to free diamond sites to earn some free fire diamonds and then top up your account.

2. Request for review :
If you haven’t done anything we mentioned in Reasons and precautions for Violation Notice in free fire then you should go to https://ffsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new then firstly login and write your genuine thought to them.

If you know you are 100% guilty, still before top up your account you should write a request to free the fire’s team to lift that violation ban from your account, but don’t ever mention about your wrong ways of getting diamonds to them otherwise they will never help you.

If you got help from this post do write a comment to express your thoughts in the comment box and share this post with your friends to help them and avoid from violation issue.

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