Lowest Possible Ping You Can Get In PUBG Mobile

Any online multiplayer game player can understand the ping issue due to which player gets defeat many times, isn’t it? but do you know what is the lowest ping in the PUBG mobile? Let’s know in this post.

What is Ping in PUBG?

Ping is the time taken by data to reach the server and then return back to the smartphone. In short, it is the time taken by your device to send your reaction while playing PUBG to the servers, and then it returns back to your device.

This ping is shown in the “ms” unit which is an abbreviation of milliseconds.

What is the lowest ping in the PUBG mobile?

To find an answer to this question I watched many PUBG Mobile videos of famous YouTubers like Dynamo, Panda, Mortal, Levinho, etc most of them was having ping between 30ms to 50ms, but Mortal was having constant 20ms ping. This is possible due to the fast Wi-Fi connection that he uses. Hence, the lowest ping in PUBG Mobile is 20ms.

Some tech enthusiast says “We can et 1-2ms ping in PUBG with 6G internet”. So one thing is sure the coming years are definitely very good for online gaming.

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