PUBG New State Stuck on 38%

One day ago PUBG New state launched and many people played it. But some players missed the opportunity as players started getting different errors.

Many users started complaining about issues like “unable to connect to server” and the game is also getting stuck at 38% on 11 November 2021.

Due to this many people wrote a bad review about PUBG new state on Google Play Store.

Many YouTubers like Tech Burner, Technical Guruji, Tech Therapy, and many others have shared the gameplay of PUBG New State on their channels and most of them gave a positive and enthusiastic review to PUBG New State.

One of the fans of PUBG New State explained his thought on this issue and look at the screenshot below you will get a good insight what is the situation.

In-short Server is not that capable to handle too many users that why people are getting different errors. Krafton has replied that they are working on its solution and fix this problem as fast as possible.

Set in 2051, Crafton assures players that the new state will be one of the “most realistic and technologically advanced” mobile games to date.

The new state has been launched as the next generation free-to-play mobile game and promises to bring a “complete and seamless” PUBG Battle Royale gaming experience.

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