Which is the fastest strategy to have maxed heroes in th9?

To upgrade your King and Queen to max levels is a tough task as when you go to attack for looting there either there is no barbarian king or Archer queen and sometimes both are upgrading at a time. So you have to attack with the help of only troops.

We have tried to explain to you some strategies below by using which you have to loot as much as a possible dark elixir to keep upgrading your heroes from time to time.

So here are the best strategies for farming/looting without depending on Heroes:

1. Pekka Wizard:

When you don’t have any heroes then you will need Pekka for plotting that’s for sure. 
6 Pekkas
15 Wizards
5 Wallbreakers
2 Healing spells
1 Rage spell 
1 Jump spell
Use the pekkas to deploy first and wizards following them and after that use wall breakers whenever necessary.

Want a video? then watch this video you will understand the strategy better.

2. Baby dragon with loons:

This strategy is also very useful to loot for Townhall 9 players.
14 balloons
15 baby dragons
8 lightning

First up all destroy air defences that may destroy your troops while looting.

Then start the attack from the easiest side and you will be able to get all loot using 0 dark elixirs. And in return, you will definitely get more than 3000 dark per attack that’s for sure.

3. All goblins😜:
Not only for Dark elixir this strategy will help you get more elixir and gold too.
all goblins
2 Jump spells
1 Healing spell 
1 poison
1 freeze
Find the dead base and try to loot all collectors placed outside the base and then try to loot which is behind the walls using jump spells.

4. Giants Pekka wizards:
If you find most loot inside of the base then you should try this army.
15 giants
12 wizards
4 Pekka
2 archer
2 healing spells
1 Rage spell
1 Jump spell

That’s it now find a base suitable for this army and try to make a funnel with the help of a couple of giants and wizards.
Then try to get your Pekkas giants and wizards inside the base to take most of the loot.

Which one you like or which one you use most, let others know by commenting below.
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