What Will Happen If I Got 0 MS Ping In The PUBG?

A gamer can understand the pain of unstable ping because of which he dies many times. But have you thought about What Will Happen If You Have 0 MS Ping In The PUBG?

In this post, I am going to talk about it so keep reading till end to know the scenario.

What is Ping in PUBG?

Ping is the time taken by data to reach the server and then return back to the smartphone. In short, it is the time taken by your device to send your reaction while playing PUBG to the servers, and then it return back to your device.

This ping is shown in the “ms” unit which is an abbreviation of milliseconds.

What Will Happen If I Have 0 MS Ping In The PUBG?

First of all, I would like to clarify that a 0ms connection in PUBG is not possible as the server is far from you. But some tech enthusiast says “We can expect 1-2 ms PUBG Mobile ping with 6G”.

But if I assume that you got 0ms by luck then you can play the game without any network lag.

To understand it assume that a player is rushing you and you have 0ms ping and he has 40ms ping. After some time both of you started firing each other at the same time this case your bullets will hit that player before his bullets hit you that’s because your connection to the server will be faster compared to a player in front of you.

Hence, having 0ms ping in PUBG will actually help a player to have better gameplay for sure.

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