How To Unlock A Locked Free Fire Device

Free Fire is one of the most loved online games in India and many players enjoy playing Free Fire every day with friends.

There are many players who struggle and play games day-night without losing any time to reach higher leagues such as Grandmaster, but on another side, some players use cheats to reach higher leagues, due to which his account may get blocked.

Today we are talking about unlocking a locked Free Fire device and unbanning your banned Free Fire device, so keep your eye till the last word to know about all scenarios and do subscribe to our notifications as we keep posing such helpful articles related to Free Fire and other games too.

How to unlock Free Fire device (No root Method):

There are several ways by which you can unlock your phone but few of them require rooting your device which is not recommended by us. That’s why here we are talking about the solution which goes with no root.

Garena Free Fire’s website page to File a Complaint

① File a complaint on Garena’s official sites:

Go to the official Garena free fire’s site and go to the appeal section then fill the form correctly mentioning you haven’t done anything wrong and try to explain them in only a positive way, don’t ever mention things you have done wrong otherwise your request will not be accepted at all.

② Change Sim card:

Changing a sim card or your network may help you. To do this in a right firstly force stop the Free Fire app and Clear all data of it. Then install the new sim card in it and now open Free Fire and download all required files. If this method doesn’t work follow method number 3.

③ Change IMEI:

If both above methods don’t work then you should try this method as it is time-consuming and hard to do.

To do this you need to install several apps and follow easy steps to unlock your device.

1. First up all download and install the following apps on your locked device: Virtual backup, VirtualXposed, Changeover, IMEI changer Pr0 [NEW], GameGuardian, Workaround Script, DualSpace Lite.

2. Now clear all data of Free Fire. To do this you can go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Search Free Fire > Now find and tap “Clear all data” and confirm it.

3. Now in File explorer go to memory/emulated /0/ and find com.garena.msdk now select it and delete it.

4. Now open VirtualXposed > Settings > Add app > Clone apps > create dual apps of IMEI changer, Virtual backup, and Free fire itself.

5. Now go to VirtualXposed and go to manage Xposed modules and activate the activity changer and restart the app.

6. Again open VirtualXposed and start the changer then tap the menu and choose Free Fire until Add/ remove hook list appears, now tap the pen icon, now after some time free fire font will turn reddish.

7. Now open the home screen of the changer and tap court coincidentally, and don’t forget to save it.

8. Now again open the VirtualXposed app and go to select backup and tap Free Fire com.dts.freefireth.

9. Now run DualSpace lite and clone virtual backup, open virtual backup application and select restore > Free FIre com..dts.freefireth.

10. Now restore your free fire account and you can play Free Fire.

11. Now open Gameguardiana from the Virtual DualSpace app and then run Free Fire, now run bypass script. Now when the first load comes quickly tap the bypass menu.

Booyah! Now your device is unlocked to play Free Fire.

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