PUBG: 8 Genuine Tips To Get 20ms PUBG Ping For Airtle Users

PUBG Mobile has over 200 million users per month and its players are really crazy that they can play it all day long if possible. Whereas PUBG Mobile has a lot of problems that break the fun while playing it.

One of the most frustrating and irritating problems while playing PUBG Mobile is the ping problem which many times causes death in the game.

Having the lowest ping possible is very important for improving gameplay and getting success every time you clash with other players and if you have a high ping there is more probability that you will be defeated every time you fight with other players.

Many people play BGMI on the Airtel network but due to some issues, they don’t get enough ping i.e. get very high ping because of which they get defeated.

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Thus you should have the best ping to play PUBG Mobile that’s why Piro Player is here to help you to get the best possible ping while playing PUBG Mobile on the Airtel network.

If you are looking for APN settings listen to me, It used to work before 2016 now changing your APN won’t increase your speed at all, there are many YouTubers who have made many videos related to “Increase speed with APN” but believe us they all are just fake. If you still want an APN setting for you then you can go to

Tips And To Get Best Ping Possible while Playing PUBG using Airtel Network

1. Network Settings :

Many times due to wrong settings connection gets interrupted and the ping increases. Go to “SIM cards & mobile networks” in the Settings app of your smartphone then select the Airtel card now do as I explained below. 

  • Now in the Mobile preferred network type select the type which will suit you. Choose “Prefer LTE” to select 4G as a preferred network and choose 3G to choose “Prefer 3G”.
  • In mobile networks choose “Automatically select network” which will automatically select the best network for you.


2. Turn On Aeroplane Mode :

If you suddenly start getting 200-300ms ping or more then you can turn on “Aeroplane mode” for 10 seconds then turn off “Aeroplane Mode” your ping will come back to normal.


3. Find the best strength of the internet :

If you are facing a ping problem in your home then you can find the best spot where ping is stable and below 100ms. If you are lucky enough then you can find the spot where you can get 20ms ping.


4. Call customer care of Airtel :

If you are facing a ping problem in your home premises then you can call 121 to complain about a low network in your area. If you live in a village area then the network problem may not be solved easily but if you live in a town or small city then your problem will be solved within 1-3 months as my personal experience.


5. Remove your phone’s case :

Network are radio waves that work well if there are fewer obstacles hence removing your smartphone cover while playing PUBG can definitely help little to get a better ping that’s for sure.


6. Restart/ reboot your smartphone :

Sometimes even turning on And off doesn’t work if the ping is very high than normal. In this case, you can try to restart your device, after which your ping must come to normal strength.


7. Use Game Booster : 

Some brands like Redmi, Realme, Samsung, and many other brands have their native Game Booster which actually boosts your network and manages calls in a better way.

If you don’t have any Game Booster you can use another Game Booster from Play Store.

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8. Restrict background data :

While playing PUBG, background apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many other apps use your data to work in the background because of which internet speed gets divided which results in high ping.

Hence, you should restrict background data to other apps in the background. To do this you can go to the settings app and search for “restrict” or “data”, in the results, you may see disable background data or you can try to search it on Youtube.


Final Words :

None of the single tips given will give you 20ms on the Airtel network, rather you should combinedly try some of those tips to work this trick. and at least will definitely get PUBG Ping below 50ms that is for sure.

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