Tips To Find More Bots And Identify Them in Garena Free Fire

After PUBG Mobile Garena Free Fire is the most played and loved game and both games have bots in their game. Stay tuned to get more ideas about how to find more bots and identify them in Garena Free Fire.

Before we give you an idea about finding and identifying bots in Free Fire you should know,

What are bots in Free fire?

Bots are nothing but the character which are Programmed, especially for improving Free Fire gameplay and experience if there were no bots in Free Fire a player cannot improve his gameplay.

Why bots are there in Free Fire?

If a player fails to get more kills with disappointment that player may uninstall Free Fire and thus, to make Free Fire more user-friendly bots are included in games.

How to find and identify bots in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, you will find bots in the ranked mode only whereas, in classic mode, there are no bots. To find the bots in Free Fire you can actually have to stay alert and have a look at a map and every time when a bot is near you fire, you can see a red mark in the direction where he is actually at that time.

After following that fire direction you can observe that player and if players’ movements are restricted to few movements and firing slowly most probably it must be a bot.

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