BGMI UC Convertor to Indian Currency INR

When you open the UC buying section in BGMI(BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA) you will notice that there are buying options of 60 UC for 75 Rs, which means..


1 UC value

₹75   for   60 UC
  ?      for   1 UC
When we cross multiply value comes 1.25 INR, which is a cost of 1 BGMI UC.
This value of 1 UC we have used as the base value for all the conversions below.
From the following conversion, you can convert the value/cost of PUBG UC to an Indian rupee just tap on your desired tan and enter the value of PUBG UC it will automatically convert the BGMI UC to your currency.

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BGMI UC Convertor to Indian Rupee (₹):

Type a value in the BGMI UC value field to convert the value to INR:

Indian Rupee (₹):

Please note that BGMI gives discounts when you buy more UC that’s why value may vary.

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